The Calm Before the Fantasy Storm


All offseason we wait for that chance at redemption.  We stand ready to bring more than the previous year and to become the best. Fantasy football is our deepest, sweetest temptation. Offseason is the constant grind that brings us that much closer to the taste of gold. As we prepare, sifting through free agency, rookies and camp hype, don’t forget what makes a champion. THE GRIND. You determine your future in fantasy if you put in the work.  

As I grind this offseason and prepare to take on the ‘more is better’ approach, the shark in me smells blood. Don’t wait for it to come to you.  Make the effort to tackle it.  If you’re spending your precious little down-time reading this, you’re already better than most, but it’s important to stay level headed and retain your ability to be humbled. 

The more open you are to others, the more opportunity you have to grow.  At the same time… do the research for yourself. Everyone has opinions, and it’s easy to hear something and blindly trust, but the real benefit to confidence in any roster moves or drafts is to do the targeted research on your own, form your own opinions, see if they jive with what you’ve heard, and understand the metrics other analysts are so passionately discussing.  That way, when it’s week 3 and you are 1-2, you are as cool as the other side of your pillow.  

Don’t be afraid to trade. Make sensible moves for now, but keep the objective of fantasy football in mind; To win.  As the storm approaches, buckle down and face it head-on. The season is a crazy gauntlet, but it goes fast and we live for the weekly adrenaline rush. 

That’s my pep talk.  Kick ass, take names, and never forget to ooze machismo.  

‘’ You have Brains in your head. You have Feet in your Shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you Choose’’ 

-DR. Seaus 

While I sit in my kids room/office to work on fantasy football.

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