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The stock market is similar to fantasy football;  You look at trends and data to determine the best time to buy or sell a stock.  The stock market refers to these stocks as bullish or bearish.  The fantasy football offseason is where you set the foundation of your team moving forward.  Identifying opportunities to obtain players at a premium as well as selling at a premium is vital to the success of your dynasty football team regardless of your prior record and team performance.  So let us here at FFAffair help you identify some bullish and bearish players.

The key with buying in the off-season is to not only identify your team needs and address them but also identifying the candidates you believe in and ones that you think will see a reduction in value.   I broke the list down by tiers so you can easily evaluate who and what type of price you would be paying for them.

Tier 1 Buys/Bullish

  1. Dak Prescott – Dak is my Tier 1 buy right now. Previously a top 10 dynasty startup ADP, his price has gone down since suffering a horrific ankle injury. His value has plummeted and just remember he was on historic pace prior to that injury. He has gone for Robby Anderson and a 3rd, Tua and Montgomery, Dak and 2 2021 2nds for Kyler, Tannehill and a 1st. I see the Dak side as the clear winner in all of these trades. Make your move now and have a top 5 QB for the next 5 years. I have even moved Justin Herbert for Dak plus.

  2. Joe Mixon – Joe is my Tier 1 buy right now. He left a bad taste in owners mouths this year and you if you can capitalize on that for a guy who is under contract for 4 years and didn’t see less than 20 touches per game this year, in the famous words of Rob Schneider,


3. Allen Robinson – He is a top 10 WR in regards to talent, has been and will be for 3 or more years at his new landing spot.  I have a few dream locations for him but let’s just put it into perspective.  Rookie – WR38, WR6, WR24, WR40, WR8, and currently WR7.  Since he joined the league with Jacksonville in 2014, he has garnered 3 top 10 WR finishes with the following Blake Bortles, Mitch Trubisky, and Nick Foles.  Imagine his value in a place like Houston.  My bold prediction is that he finishes as a top 3 WR.  I believe he is one of the top talents in the game and can put up Davonte Adams/Micheal Thomas type seasons if given a QB who doesn’t suck.  I would move Kenny G+ for Allen Robinson in the offseason BEFORE he signs with a new team.

Tier 2 Buys/Bullish

4. Baker MayfieldBaker has performed very well in Stefanski’s offense and will continue to move forward and be asked to do more.  From week 7 on (excluding the 3 wind riddled games) he averaged 25.2 fppg which is good for QB5.  He is a very serviceable QB and can put up numbers.  Anyone who says Nick Chubb will prevent him from reaching relevance, look at Ryan Tannehill.  I’ve seen David Johnson and a second get him.  This next statement will get me in trouble probably, but I would sell Lamar for Baker and a First.  That’s how confident I am for Baker in the future.

5. Cam Akers – 


To say I am bullish on Cam Akers is a complete understatement.  He is one of the most talented all-around backs in the game.  He can run, catch, and block and has produced with sub-par offensive lines in the past.  As my tier 2 candidate, he has already taken over the backfield in LA after having some rib issues and missing some time.  Get him before he becomes a top 10 RB.  I would try something like a WR and a pick for him, maybe Juju and a late first.  If you don’t have the WR capital move David Montgomery for him plus.

6. Curtis Samuel – Curtis Samuel is coming off his most productive fantasy season yet.  He has shown continued improvement in fantasy points, receptions, and yardage.  He is a free agent this offseason and you can potentially use that to your advantage as a reason to buy cheap.  He wins at every level, successful at all routes, and runs all routes.  He is a true Jack of all trades but not in the gadget play sense.  Here I would try to move a 2022 pick in a class that isn’t that strong for him, like a mid 1st.  You could also try something like a Jalen Raegor for him if you are low on him like I am.  They are the same type of player but Samuel has proven he can do it.

Tier 3 Buys/Bullish

7. Derek CarrDerek Carr is the 8th best rated passer according to  For some reason fantasy owners hate him.  I say he is a buy and a greatttt asset to a winning team for depth at the QB position.  I prefer him over Goff.  In a year where he was surrounded by rookie WR talent and injuries he still threw for 4100 yards and 27 TD to only 9 INT.  When given weapons he can be a very productive QB and has proven that he has QB1 upside on any given week.  I love bargain basement QB’s, especially if you are in a non-superflex league.  He is not a league winner but he is a cheap and great depth piece in the event of injury.  I would send a late second for him.

8. Phillip Lindsay Lindsay is an explosive one cut runner who can make guys miss. He was excellent when healthy his first two seasons and will be a great addition to any team. When he signs in the offseason, it will be for a team that plans on utilizing his skillset and he will be a great flex play. The other option you should think about is after he signs with a new team, use that narrative to sell him for more than you paid. I would look to send a Kerryon Johnson type player and a third for Phillip Lindsay.

9. Marquise Brown – In my early 2021 rankings, Marquise Brown is in my top 24 and I expect that to increase over the offseason. Hollywood averaged 13.8 fppg and was the WR11 in the last 6 weeks of the season. He is always open and Lamar finally started throwing more accurately in the second half of the season. I can go more in depth but go read my article on him. I would be looking to do something like Crowder and 2nd round pick or one of the “haven’t broken out yet” hyped 2021 WR’s like Mims or Reagor plus a third.

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